sheet pile installation

Pushing / Pressing Sheet Piles
Why push sheets instead of vibrate?
Pressing sheets instead of vibrating has become a very common practice in areas where keeping ground and noise disturbance to a minimum is required. Some of the concerns with vibrating sheet pile in certain areas are that:
It is often ineffective in ground conditions such as plastic, dense clay or compacting sands/gravels.
It can cause damage to surrounding structures resulting in litigation and repair costs.


Stone Columns for Ground Improvement

Dynamic compaction with the Rapid Impact Compactor was used to improve square feet of building pad subgrade Тис remedial ground improvement method addressed treatment of random fill that had been placed in an old quarry over several years. The RIC method demonstrated its value as a “proofing” tool, with its ability to identify and simultaneously treat pockets of loose material.

Megatech Foundation

Megatech foundation is a part of Megatech Group and we are one of specialist contractor in piling Foundation companies Established in 2006 in the United Arab Emirates dealing with all sorts of piling, soil improvement, injection, grouting shoring, anchoring ,micro pile &de-watering.

Our Expertise

Stone colums bottom feeds methode
Piling with cast in situ bored piles using bentonite system ,full -length temporary casing and CFA method
Sheet piling retaining walls and cofferdams for drainage lines , bridges and building foundation ….etc
Shoring with work for basement and deep excavations
A – Shoring with secant piles.
B – Shoring with soldier piles system
C – Shoring with contiguous piles
Ground water control (de-watering )
Micro piles and ground anchors.
Soil improvement.
Soil Grouting
Soil injection